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Regulation On Cloud To Protect User Privacy

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Regulation on Cloud to Protect User Privacy

This essay writes about regulation that rules cloud provider to protect privacy of data citizens within country. First of all, this essay will describe about what cloud services that used nowadays, its wide range of services, and users motivation why they would use cloud services. In the second section, it will explain more about the security threat of cloud services and going more specific into privacy issue. The next section, I will discuss about the extent of technical regulation that porposed from question : moving all data users within country and comparation with another countries regulation, and going deep into its evaluation. In the Fourth section, this essay will discuss about another policy and security mechanism as alternative of the previous policy. Finally, this essay will be closed by analysis, suggestion, and conclussion about what regulation that should be purposed regarding to protect privacy data stored in the users within a country.

What is cloud services?

Today, cloud services are widely used by people around the world in purpose of business, government, and personal use. The concept of “cloud” inspired by Internet topology, which become the basis of cloud sevice itself. With cloud services, users use resources - could be storage, computional capability, or software- from cloud service provider mediated by Internet. Doing computational work with cloud services –cloud computing, involve a number of computers to do the large-scale works, therefore it usually called by distributed system over Internet (reference, paper?). Cloud service also offers a large-scale economical service that only paid for what you use. Therefore, companies migrate to business-to-business cloud as they don’t have to spend money building intial cost for their computational business. For instance, instead of building their own storage, network, cooling, they could just “rent” resource from cloud provider for the lower cost. Besides money benefits, cloud resources also able to be shared by multiple users and re-alocate resource for multiple users on-demand. For costumers who rent for data storage in cloud, it gives them auto backup, and decrease risk of losing data because of disaster. Usually cloud storage location is chosen on the least risk location for disaster.

Cloud services models

Cloud services provides flexible, elastic, and dynamic platform. There is wide range of services that could be provided by cloud providers. Based on blabla, there are 3 models of cloud services that widely popular. They are Infratructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Infratructure as a Service provider the physical computer itself, or virtual machine. Provider supply for fundamental resource for computing such as processing, servers, storage, networks and manage its physical infrastructures but costumers have control for their operating system. (costumer example of...

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