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Regulations Of Hindu Diets Essay

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Religion states what to believe in, where to worship, how to worship, and why to believe. However, religion is not only a belief system, it is much more encompassing than that. Religion could be more thought of as a lifestyle. Religion generally shapes and details every aspect of a person's life, from how to treat people, to how to dress, and even to what one should drink and eat. We are thought to revolve our world around our religion. However, most religions have benefits for their actions and laws. In Hinduism, diet is very regulated. There are several things Hindu followers can and cannot eat, and even allotted times where they are allowed to eat.

In Hinduism, a well-balanced diet is essential for having a strong faith and spiritual development. When a person's body is properly nourished the body is healthier thus a person is mentally more focused and stable. In fact, there is such a strong emphasis in Hinduism on proper food consumption that there is a diet code. Sattva, Tamas, and Rajas are the three food groups/diets of the diet code. Each of these food groups/diets are thought to produce certain emotions. Sattvic is the best of foods. Foods such as greens, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey, plant oil extract etc. In general, very natural whole foods are thought to create a feeling of relaxation and nobility. These Sattvic foods are thought to nourish the body well, create focus, and maximize energy. This focus and energy, in turn, could help a person seek wisdom and increase in spirituality. The next food group is the tamasic foods. This type of food is thought to create lethargy and overall negative emotions. Tasamic foods are typically left over foods. If Sattvic foods are leftover or not fresh they are then considered tamasic foods. Also, fermented foods such as alcohol, food that do not require sunlight such as mushrooms, meat, eggs are also considered to be tamasic foods. Even though these foods may nourish the body, they are still thought to cause lethargy and to lessen focus of the mind. The final food group is Rajasic foods. These foods also are thought to cause negative feelings, even disorders. If one is to eat Sattvic foods quickly, they are thought to be Rajasic foods. Foods such as overly salted foods, sour foods, spicy foods, hot peppers, coffee, onion, garlic, overly processed foods, etc are considered to be Rajasic. In conclusion, pungent and stimulating foods are Rajasic. Even though some of these foods are good for the body, they are thought to be beneficial for the mind; they instead, are believed to cause restlessness. Furthermore, Hindus are to believe that any creation of God should be respected and, therefore, the majority of Hindus are in fact vegetarians. However, like with any other religion, some are less disciplined and faithful than others, therefore, some only refrain from eating beef and pork yet eat other types of meat. In Hinduism, the intake of wine is prohibited,...

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