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Regulatory Agency Paper

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The purpose of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services is to support a proper distribution of excellent health care to Medicare and Medicaid recipients and to make sure that the Medicare and Medicaid Programs are handed out in a timely manner. The center also must make sure that program recipients are knowledgeable of the services in which they are entitled to and, that those services are available and has excellent service, and that the department guidelines and actions endorse good organization and excellence within the whole health care organization. A quality assurance program manage by the CMS is accountable for increasing health and safety principles for suppliers of health care services approved by Medicare and Medicaid legislation. This program from the department of health and human services helps to make certain that Medicare and Medicaid recipients get the best health care within reason and to keep the cost down for those who cannot afford private health insurance. (2009). Absolute astronomy.HistoryThe Medicare and Medicaid programs were put into law on July 30, 1965. President Lyndon B. Johnson is shown at the ceremony signing the bill in Independence, Missouri at the Truman Library. Former President Truman was sitting next to him during the signing ceremony. Lyndon B. Johnson had the signing at the library in respect for President Truman's guidance on the health insurance issue, which he first planned in the year of 1945. The most important governmental change to Medicare-which is called the Medicare Modernization Act which was signed into law by President George W. Bush, on December 8, 2003. This significant legislation adds outpatient medicine drug assistance to Medicare and makes quite a few other significant changes. The Center for Medicaid and Medicare services mission and goals are to make sure efficient, up-to-date health care coverage and to endorse superior care for recipients, and to accomplish a changed and reorganized health care system. CMS will achieve their goals by continuously changing and updating America's health care organization. Last they will make sure they have a experienced, dedicated, and a highly-motivated team of people who want to help people get what they need in regards to healthcare( 2009).The source and scope of its authorityMedicaid is the only biggest spender for mental health services in the United States - offering services and assistance for around 58 million adults and children nationwide. In 2006, the Medicaid in entirety gave more than a quarter trillion dollars of health care funding ($241B), of the Nation's health care expenses and nearly half of spending on long-term care to the elderly. Working in collaboration, Federal and State governments, alongside supporters, have developed a growing selection of mental health services and supports arranged to reveal the individuality of each state and district. Medicaid has been, and continues to be, the key player of all these...

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