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Running head: REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT FOR KUDLER FINE FOODSRegulatory Environment for Kudler Fine FoodsBeverly McClurkin, Chera Small, Cynthia Goodwin, Karin Johnson, Stephany SteeleTeam AUniversity Of PhoenixRegulatory Environment for Kudler Fine FoodsKudler Fine Foods was established and started by Kathy Kudler who had an idea that triggered an amazing outcome. Kathy Kudler was the Vice-President of Marketing for a large defense contractor. Her vision was to create a store that would stock a wide selection of the freshest ingredients as well as the tools a gourmet cook need. Kathy was certain that combining the convenience of one-stop shopping with reasonable prices would be a recipe for success. Kathy ended up opening up three stores due to the success of her first store. The goal for Kudler is to have every customer satisfied and for every customer to have a positive experience while shopping or taking a specialty class at all stores (Kudler Fine Foods, 2008).The stores are divided into five departments, which are fresh bakery and pastries, fresh produce, fresh meat & seafood, condiments and packaged foods, and cheese's and specialty dairy products. The stores are stocked with the best domestic, imported food, and most recently added organic products. Kudler now has an interest in expanding its service offering to add a catering service in addition to the in-store parties that it currently offers. This will definitely complement Kudler's business since they already offer gourmet meals and recently introduced its plan to contract local growers for organic products. In 2007 Kudler Fine Foods planned to increase customer loyalty by offering added high-margin services, leveraging the firm's better understanding of customer purchase patterns, and providing more efficient operations (Kudler Fine Foods, 2008).Kudler's has generated more business opportunities that created more income revenue and acquired more strategic planning. Due to various decisions made by Kudler Fine Foods, Kudler has an interest to understand how these decisions can be implemented within the constraints of the legal environment. This will assess the continued outcome of the stores.Kudler's Decision to RefurbishKudler has decided to contract with local organic produce growers and add a catering service to their stores. In providing these services, they will need to shut down various departments to refurbish the facilities. Legally Kudler can do this under the doctrine of employment at will. In this particular case the reason would be for a good cause. Did Kudler distribute employee handbooks to all employees? If Kudler distributed employee handbooks upon hiring employees, the language in the handbook is clear on the "at will" doctrine. The handbook should also include a disclaimer that disavows contractual intent.Because Kudler has made an implied contract with its employees, they have an obligation to offer them assistance through...

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