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“One of three returning troops are being diagnosed with serious Post-Traumatic stress symptoms. Less than 40% will seek help” ( Many soldiers come home from war with PTSD, these soldiers that suffer from PTSD are known to result in murder and/or suicide cases. PTSD negatively impacts the physical, mental and emotional being of war veterans which puts them in risk of harming themselves as well as harming others. Society stereotypes war as a heroic experience in which soldiers come back feeling like heroes however that is not the case, society needs to give support to soldiers attempting to adjust back to their normal lives.
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PTSD does not just take a toll on the soldiers, but it also takes a toll on the family members and other loved ones. “For troops suffering from combat trauma, two out of three of their marriages are failing” ( This is a very significant statistic, approximately 66% of marriages of war veterans suffering from PTSD end up in divorces after returning from war. Soldiers came home from war a changed person. Some are unable to go back to their normal lives and become a detached member of society. The character Krebs, in Hemingway’s Soldier’s Home, is a great example of a soldier that is struggling to get his life back on track after returning from war. “He did not want any consequences. He did not want any consequences ever again. He wanted to live alone without consequences” (Hemingway). In this quote, Krebs is referring to relationships. He does not want or even desire a relationship after coming home from war. He’s been through so much trauma emotionally that he does not desire any consequences of forming a relationship because he knows it will just end up complicating his life and he doesn’t want that. He wants a simple life, much like how he felt war was like. This shows a lot about the mindset of soldiers. When soldiers come back from war, they think differently about life and some become emotionally detached. This is consequential because the difficulty of adjusting back to their normal lives causes soldiers to become depressed and even more emotionally unattached.
PTSD is a recurring issue that has occurred in the past as well as the present, it will continue to grow unless the soldiers are given the proper treatment and are rehabilitated back to normal. Though this issue is not publicized as much as other issues, it is still a very important issue that needs attention. “Men in prolonged battle are not normal men. And when afterward they seem to be reticent” (Steinbeck). This shows in all veterans that come home from war, most are unable to...

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