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Rehabilitation In Pediatrics Essay

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When it comes to the field of Occupational Therapy, there are a majority of specialty areas that you can practice your expertise in such as, hand therapy, geriatrics, and mental health. Pediatrics from birth to adolescence, is the area in Occupational Therapy that I would like to specialize in. In general I like helping all people, but I would love working with children more. This area has personal interest for me because, I was a teen mother in high school. Although being a teen mom isn’t a physical disability, I know what it feels like to have people tell you that you can’t accomplish certain goals in life. The personal skills and abilities that I have and will be useful to my patients ...view middle of the document...

” We also teach families the importance of helping their children at home. It has been proven that because of therapy for people with Down syndrome, their life expectancy has risen over the years.
Autism is a developmental disability that can be diagnosed in the first three years of life. According to Christian Nordqvist, “The condition is the result of a neurological disorder that has an effect on normal brain function, affecting development of the person's communication and social interaction skills.” ( Nordqvist, c. (n.d.). What is Autism?). Furthermore, Nordqvist states, social skills, coordination, empathy for others, physical contact, and speech are problems that kids with autism have to deal with. ( Nordqvist, c. (n.d.). What is Autism?). They also have trouble feeling empathy for other people. As an OT practitioner, we should constantly remind the children that we need to take other people’s feelings into consideration. Most children with autism communicate very little, and sometimes don’t like to be touched. We can help them by putting puzzles together to help with their coordination, or different activities that involve playing so the child can communicate and use physical contact.
Children and people with Down syndrome or Autism are constantly looked down on and are told they won’t be...

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