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Reinbach is a detailed description of events told through the eyes of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, taken from the last episode of the second series (titled Reinbach Fall), of the BBC show Sherlock, the characters and plot are not of my devise. But the way they are described and received are.

The day was audacious and ridiculous, sown with lies till the seams burst. All was a lie, a ploy to get him to leave Sherlock. One lie among the numerous that were born forth that day. So blurred and bothered was his mind that he could scarcely tell the sky from the earth below. His tired mind finally focused o the obvious, he simply had to find his friend. John stumbled from the cab facing the hospital, sun wafting through the cloudy sky illuminating his gentle hedgehog features. The fierce wind pushed him back towards his home, foreshadowing the dire, dreadful future. The world buzzed franticly around him, the smell of hot cars and people’s busy haste mixed with that of cooking things, the London air clear and cool on his face. His eyes scoured his surroundings hungrily for the familiar face of his clever companion. A gentle tune enters his consciousness, John, with a slow solemn smoothness, pulls a cool metal shape from his pocket and places it to his ear. His friend’s voice floods him like a melody, soft and familiar. Relief pools warmly into his heart till his confidant’s voice directs his warm blue eyes to the looming edifice before him. Perched on the roof like a bird contemplating a daring flight, he stands. Poised to fly, no, poised to jump.
Moriarty’s voice echoed through Sherlock’s brilliantly troubled mind, flying is just like falling, except there’s a more permanent destination. The wind blew back his long dark coat filling his face and tugging at his raven black curls, filling him with the naïve hope of perhaps achieving flight. Just his breathing presence would bring death to all of whom he wished to live on. His polished loafers rasped the ledge on which he trod, a thin lie between two worlds. As he uttered a final goodbye, a story filled with lifesaving lies, denouncing himself to die like a dog, a foolish man longing for glory and receiving less than nothing at all, and he a fraud a...

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 Cincotta, C.M., & Seger, C.A. (2007). Dissociating between striatal regions while learning to categorize via feedback and via observation. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 19(2), 249-265. Daniel, R., Wagner, G., Koch, K., Reichenbach, J.R., Sauer, H., Schlosser, R.G.M., (2011). Assessing the neural basis of uncertainty in perceptual category learning through varying levels of dissortion. Journal of

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