Reid Vs. Peace Model Interrogation Methods Interviewing And Investigations Essay

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Reid vs. P.E.A.C.E. interrogation methods
The Reid technique focuses on two stages to achieve a confession; a fact-finding interview stage as well as the BAI (behavioral analysis interview), and the interrogation stage. The P.E.A.C.E. model on the other hand advantageously relies on four stages to induce a confession; The first being Preparation and planning, followed by, Engage and Explain, Account, Closure, and evaluation. Although Both methods are reasonably successful at getting confessions, because of the Reid technique’s highly persuasive questioning methods that lead to wrongful convictions, the P.E.A.C.E. method is what newer police forces are moving to as far as interviewing methods. [1]
As stated above, the Reid technique focuses on two stages, the interviewing stage is generally broken into two parts, the fact-finding and the BAI interviewing stages. In the fact-finding stage, the interviewer establishes rapport with the subject to attain information about the incident that occurred. The interviewer uses non-accusatory questions pertaining to the crime that was committed, which the subject is more likely to offer than when asked in an accusatory way. The Interviewer also can establish the subject’s standard responses both physically and verbally when asked questions in a non-accusatory method. If the subject then reacts differently than the “standard” when asked accusatory questions, it helps build the assumption of guilt. The BAI is used to determine the guilt of the subject, if the interviewer is “reasonably certain” of the subject’s guilt, the interviewer would move onto the second stage of the Reid technique. The BAI consists of three parts, 1. Observing and evaluating the subject’s psychological and physical behaviors for indication of truth and deception, 2. Behaviour-provoking questioning, 3. Use of baiting questions and dealing with an alibi.
After as suspects guilt is “reasonably certain” using the first stage of the Reid technique, the interviewer would then move to the second stage; interrogation. The interrogation stage consists of nine steps which raise the subjects’ uneasiness also lowering the thought of consequences of confessing. The nine steps are as follows:
1. Direct confrontation; The interviewer informs the suspect that the evidence has led the police to them as a suspect and offers the person an early opportunity to confess and explain why the offense took place.
2. Try to shift the blame away from the suspect to another person or reason that could have prompted the suspect to make the decisions they did. To do this, the interviewer must develop themes containing reasons that justify/ excuse the crime. Themes may be changed to find one to which the accused is most responsive to.
3. Try to minimize the number of times a suspect denies the offense.
4. At this time, the suspect will generally try to offer a reason as to why they could not or did not commit the crime. The interviewer can use this to...

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