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Reign Of Revenge Essay

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Sir Francis Bacon's claim is that anyone who dwells in the past and seeks revenge on others is more likely to hurt themselves worse than they already have in the beginning. Bacon feels towards sorrow and revenge was, “...that of a man consumed with a desire for revenge keeps own wounds open which otherwise would heal”. Which explaining anyone who stays in the past would waste a large amount of time and not accomplish much. If they did move on however, as Takashi Tanemori, “The Interlopers”, and “Romeo and Juliet”, they would end in fate, or happiness.
Tanemori is a “Hibakusha”, a survivor of the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima and that ended the war. After World War II, Tanemori moved to the United States. His family did not come with him, though. What did was his anger for the country that ended his life in Japan, but would start a new one in the US. As Tanemori is moving to the States he explains as if he was, “...leaving the charred cradle of his childhood with a twisted-hatred, for a harsh journey towards manhood”. Having hatred for the loss of his family, Tanemori feels as if he needs to do what he can to get revenge for his family. As Tanemori was driving to a remembrance rally in San Francisco, he saw a mushroom shaped cloud and then had a epiphany and realized, “The conflicts of my past shaped and redirected me” (Tanemori). This epiphany released all of his stress and anger against the US. Tanemori feels like he wasted forty years of his life sitting in a dark room not doing anything, but staying in the past wondering how he could have saved his childhood life. Without Tanemori’s epiphany, he would have ended in anger, and would not accomplish much in life.
Saki's short story, “The Interlopers” Is about two men fighting over a piece of land. These men came from families that were also fighting for the land. Georg Znaeym and Ulrich von Gradwitz continuously fought for a time. It was a dark stormy night, and Gradwitz was patrolling the forest for a sign of Znaeym. Then in an opening of land, they caught each other’s eyes. As they saw each other, a lightning struck a tree above them and is crushing their legs. Before this, they have never really talked. As Gradwitz and Znaeym lay there, they were trying to release themselves from the tree's grasp from underneath. Without no avail, it was man to man. As Ulrich and Georg were lying there, Ulrich had an idea that grew larger and larger every time he looked at Georg. “Do as you please if your men come first. It was a fair compact. But as for me, I've changed my mind. If my men are the first to come you shall be the first to be helped...” (Saki 307) Gradwitz started having pity for Znaeym, as he was laying there in pain. Both laying helplessly, Znaeym and Gradwitz talked about how the town would look with wonder and amazement if both of them rode together. With the thoughts of this new profound friendship, both Ulrich and Georg shouted for help. After a while Gradwitz sees figures coming...

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