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Reincarnation: Do You Believe? Essay

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Reincarnation channels through many cultures and experiences which are examined by skeptics. In this research paper I will examine what is reincarnation, the evidence of people’s experiences of this, some of the views of the skeptics on this issue, and my own beliefs with reincarnation. Reincarnation can’t be given a concert scientific explanation, can’t be fully proven to humans, but there are assumptions and beliefs that make up the idea of reincarnation. This paper will give an analysis on reincarnation and the possibilities of this phenomenon to be true.
According to Ian Stevenson in his book “Children who Remember Previous Lives”, reincarnation “is about children who claim to remember previous lives” (9), how could children up to age 8 have such intense knowledge of someone else’s life? Is it possible for people to be reincarnated into another body? How is reincarnation possible? These questions are what I am trying to review with the literature I gathered. H Wayne House describes reincarnation with a “literal meaning, “enfleshing again” describes the soul’s travel from one physical lifetime to another” (132). Reincarnation is the soul passing from one body to another after a death, where the person has memories of their past life, specific details that are so powerful that the soul holds onto.
Stemman stated that “growing numbers of people are prepared to mix and match the beliefs of teachings that most appeal to them” (Stemman 3) this then suggests that the idea and beliefs of reincarnation are increasing; people are tending to expand their knowledge and beliefs and integrating the different beliefs into their own. Stemman also states that “we already know that at least half of the worlds’ population as followers of the teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and various other Eastern religions, accepts reincarnation” (Stemman 4). This then again suggests the common and well known belief of reincarnation in our world. Although other religions might not believe in reincarnation, they might believe in some form of reincarnation such as “Christians say they believe in reincarnation- that people will be reborn in this world again and again” (Stemman 4). These points not only show us that many people around the world believe in some form of reincarnation but also show us that this idea or belief of reincarnation has been around for a long time in this world. An interesting fact that was mentioned by Nagarj, Nanjegowda, and Purushothama state that “between 20 and 30% of persons in western countries who may be nominal Christians also believe in reincarnation.” this then proves that beliefs of certain criteria are mixing with their own beliefs; people are becoming more independent with what they believe in and what they want to believe in, based on their own knowledge.

Scientific Views
After reading the article by Nagarj, Nanjegowda, and Purushothama, I found that they emphasised the idea that if you are to...

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