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Reinterpreting Shakespeare Essay

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Jillian FaltynEnglish 160Paper 1Baz Luhrmann can be considered an acquired taste within the cinematic world. He chooses to show off his idiosyncrasies throughout his works, and takes the audience on an adventure while they watch his films. His vibrant and urgent ideas splash across the screen in their cinematic glory, proving that Luhrmann is a skilled crafter of his art. His interpretation of Romeo and Juliet is not an easily forgotten one. With an extensive job of characterization, Luhrmann challenges the audience to see Shakespeare's work in a different light. By updating the setting, and costuming to something more of the time period the play becomes more relatable, while word choice, or lack of word choice, helps to show a deeper level of the character, instead of what's only on the surface.The end result is a Shakespearean film experience made not only for your ears to enjoy, but for your eyes as well.In the first act while Capulet is speaking to Paris about his daughter, Juliet, he says, "My child is yet a stranger in the world; She hath not seen the change of fourteen years,.." With Juliet being so young, Luhrmann was faced with the challenge of finding an actress who could execute the part well, and still look young enough. Girls around the age of fourteen may look the part, but not be able to capture it fully, while girls with distinguished acting skills may be able to play Juliet, but not look of age. His choice of Claire Daines was reputable because even though she was seventeen at the time, she still had a young and bright face to pull off the youthful part excellently.Later on in the play, while talking with Juliet, Lady Capulet declares, "I was your mother much upon these years That you are now a maid." Lady Capulet is hinting at the fact that even though she is young, she should have a man and start to have children. Since Juliet has neither, she must be a virgin. Luhrmann takes this bit of text, and runs with it throughout the movie, especially with Juliet's attire. While at the Capulet ball Juliet is dressed in a white dress with white wings, and a gold cross. Looking angelic from all the white is a great example of Juliet's virginity being shown off. The outfit shows her purity, along with her innocence which is very fitting because all these words have been used to describe her.Also in the text while at the Capulet Ball, Juliet is illustrated by Romeo as, "...a snowy dove trooping with crows…" Although this line is expressing her beauty compared to others, it also has another meaning. Dove's are symbolic of peace, and in some cultures The Holy Spirit. Describing Juliet as such helped Luhrmann with his costuming choices. In his representation of the Capulet Ball, Luhrmann made it a masquerade dressing everyone in costumes. He has Juliet's hair done up in two tight braids that wrap around her head creating a circle. The braids appear to look like a halo which also reinforces The Holy Spirit shown by the doves.Although it...

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