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Reinventing The Corporation: Companies Which Have Lost Their Moral Values And Feel They Are Not Responsible To The American Public Anymore

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Reinventing the CorporationOur corporations today have lost a lot of their moral responsibilities. I think some believe they are no longer accountable. They believe they can do whatever they want, whatever is going to make the largest profit, regardless of the consequences to their workers or to the public. The larger companies especially, are not generally responsible for much that they do. You will see every now and then that a company will be fined for something it does, but for the most part no one says anything to them.I think Rowe made some very good points in this reading. Rowe (2001) believes that our large corporations should get back to the "traditional moral values" (p. 417). I agree that we need to revive some of the moral obligations that companies have to the American public. The consumers are the only reason that any company can thrive in today's market. They could be the ones who cam up with the ingenious idea, but unless they can get people to buy, they will not survive. Rowe also points out the influence that our government had in the early development of the corporation. They would limit the size of a corporation and the capital that they could acquire. I believe they did this to keep the corporation from becoming too large and control the market. This could be the beginnings of some of our Anti-Trust laws. They did not want one company to control the whole market because we know what would happen then, they could raise prices and there is nothing the consumer could do about it.Another point I agree on is his statement that "Individual responsibility is a bedrock principle of the common law tradition" (Rowe, 2002 p.418). I absolutely agree that everything starts with you; one person can make a difference as was proven by Marie Welsh. Just by raising a simple question she reformed many workers' lives. I think most people might not reach that scale, but by raising questions about your company's practices you can make a difference. I think a lot of people might be scared of their job security, and might not want to bring up. A good example would be a movie I saw, based on a true story. In the movie "A Civil Action" one company was dumping toxic chemicals into a small town's drinking water because it was cheaper than following all of the EPA's policies. It was not until most of the town got very sick did anyone start looking into it. When they were sent to investigate no one would speak up. Everyone was scared of losing there job. Only one person ended up testifying against the company. If this company would have continued to do this it could have been years and many people's deaths, just for the company to save some money. I don't necessarily think every company is as evil as this, but maybe it is just something minor that cold actually help the company. By the employees and management not speaking up, nobody is going to win.Another question is how did we get in this situation? When the government saw that by lifting some of these...

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