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Rejection Based On Gender Essay

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“To All the Girls I've Rejected” by Jennifer Britz addresses the issue of girls being discriminated against in college admissions. The purpose of the article is to bring light to the problem, its causes, and serve to as an apology to the girls that Britz has denied because of discrimination. Britz establishes her credibility by being a college admissions officer who also has a daughter that struggles with the disappointment of receiving college rejection letters. The emotional appeal of the article comes from the heartbreak, struggle, and the relatable sting that the girls feel when they are rejected. Statistics and research are used throughout to further validate the claims that the author makes about the gender difference in college and the resulting prejudice. Britz effectively uses rhetoric to convey her message by personally connecting to her topic, making the reader relate to the emotions of the rejected girls, and providing statistics to back up her statements.
The author’s purpose to write this article comes from her close relation and desire to expose the issue of gender discrimination within college acceptance. The subject is closely related to college and as a result of this, the author's intended audience is most likely college students and parents of college students. The article also serves as an apology to those affected by the prejudice. When Britz states, “To parents and the students getting thin envelopes, I apologize for the demographic realities” (Britz), the author makes it known that she is writing from an honest and heartfelt place.
The author establishes herself as the Dean of Admissions at Kenyon College. As the Dean, she is the head of her department and she has to work with the male applicant favoritism issue on a daily basis. Being the Dean of Admissions makes her both knowledgeable and trustworthy when writing about the issue. The fact that she is also the mother of a girl affected by admissions discrimination makes her even more of a credible source of information. She has first hand experience in both situations and has the ability to see both sides. Being on both sides of the issue, the author seems less biased toward either side and therefore more trustworthy.
In the beginning of the article, the author describes her daughter's achievement and work ethic: “She had taken the...

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