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Rejuvenated Essay

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Sacrifice is the act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy. A mere word in the dictionary, a small word with great meaning. Noor Waheed is a thirty-six year old who one would call a hero. She has gone through a lot of obstacles in life for making the decision she made. Noor Waheed is a heroic person because she has made such a big decision that literally is her life, she managed to dodge the hostility of society, and she is teaching others how to be better people, encouraging them to do good things.
At the age of eighteen, Islam was introduced to her. Over a course of a year and a half, she hit the books to educate herself more ...view middle of the document...

After Waheed started to open up to the religion, she started to receive hate. Slowly it became a constant battle between her and the people around her. At one point she wanted to give up and disappear from the world, but she knew that this all would come. Waheed’s “Test, Allies, and Enemies” and “The Supreme Ordeal” play great roles in her journey. The downsides of making such a decision of converting to a completely different religion brought upon her lots of hate and discrimination. “I went through the trouble of being demeaned because of my change in religion” (Waheed). All her life she grew up around Christians. Because of that, her friends, her neighbors, the people around her looked down upon her with disgust. This verbal and emotional abuse played a toll on Waheed, but she did not let that get in between her and her faith. Her true friend Sumaiyah was the only one who remained by her side to keep her head held high. This is the “Test, Allies, and Enemies” stage. “My own family’s view on who I am changed as well” (Waheed). The fact that her parents and most of her family are strong believers of Christianity caused lot of tension. This affected her the most because her family was held dear to her and having her family belittle her made her feel as if she had nothing to live for anymore. This is “The Supreme Ordeal” stage in her journey. Being around such negative energy all the time caused her to feel down and depressed all the time. Even though she had been sworn at, shunned, and disliked, she still kept her faith strong and made it all the way to the end.
Nearing to the end of her journey, everything was slowly getting better. Waheed’s family became a lot more accepting, she became close to the Muslim community that surrounded her, which seemed to be invisible back then, and society gave in and somewhat accepted her. The “Resurrection” and “Returned with Elixir” stages are...

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