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Related From A Distance Essay

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Put two completely unrelated objects right next to each other and the characteristics they commonly share and disagree on will surface. Take a carpet and a person, for instance. Something that a person and a carpet can have in common is that both can be laid down on the ground. One thing that makes the two of them different though is one is living and one isn’t. The same concept of putting two different things together to find something in common works for Growing up Unrented on the Lower East Side by Edmund Berrigan and The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs.
Throughout The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs, she writes about the city’s change ...view middle of the document...

” Berrigan mentions how he was different from everyone else and brings up the fun when he plays with his brother. This shows that he may have been the same as everything and everyone else in his neighborhood with the houses, the conditions, and such but he couldn’t still be identified as someone else because he didn’t commit to being just another one of them. He played with action figures while the rest were being a part of the punk scene/phase in their lives.
“Then again, any number of buildings are worth the memories of the people who lived in them, though by now that quality of the East Village has been razed to the ground” (Berrigan 233). This shows that he’s observed the city long enough to distinguish it has been changing right before him even if all the days seem like a routine. That very change, the fact that those sentimental buildings are not there anymore, is a dance that he has been a part of. That being said, that is one way of how Berrigan and Jacobs are similar in their writings.
The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs has more of a style that’s opinionated rather than an autobiography, which is how Edmund Berrigan’s Growing Up Unrented on the Lower East Side is perceived to be.
“As darkness thickens and Mr. Halpert moors the laundry cart to the cellar door again, the ballet goes under lights, eddying back and forth but intensifying at the bright spotlight pools of Joe’s sidewalk pizza dispensary, the bars, the delicatessen, the restaurant and the drug store. The night workers stop now at the delicatessen, to pick up salami and a container of milk. Things have settled down for the evening but the street and its ballet have not come to a stop” (Jacobs 831).
This quote portrays the story to be in an opinionated point of view because she is telling the story from how she views it. She assumed that just because Mr. Halpert is eddying a laundry cart back and forth into some pizzeria lights when the works of that pizza place go inside a delicatessen to run some errands when it’s getting dark outside doesn’t necessarily mean that things are slowing down....

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