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People did not think I will be able to graduate early, or even graduate at all. I was that one female who was intelligent in high school, played almost every sport except volleyball and soccer, even the only black cheerleader in a long time. More than half of the students thought very highly of me. Every person have had a debate with someone, which may end up turning into a fight. I'm guilty to the point where I had a lot of those. My major fight was my last fight, I found out I was pregnant. Yes, of course I won. My mother told me to never back down if I am in the right. Being pregnant in high school was not a problem for me at the end of junior year. But when senior year came around people started noticing me. Being ashamed of being pregnant made matters worse. The only person who had a problem was me. I had no reason to be mad at the world; I knew exactly what I was doing and decided to get pregnant. I lost a lot of friends, and gained a lot. The ones I lost I knew they was not loyal enough to stick around in the first place. Discouragement got to me from some of my family members. My goal was never to go to college, I wanted to be the first female from my family to go to the Air Force. After having my daughter, Ashanti, plenty of things changed in my life. Her father decided he did not want to be in her life. Should have listened to my family, but I had to be hard...

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549 words - 3 pages relationships. Social interaction exposes personal identity. Interests and dislikes mirror our sense of self. Similarly, relationships mold our sense of self. Relationships sometimes conflict with that sense of self. Nevertheless, relationships closely resemble our own sense of self. Solitude promotes people to think critically about daily social interaction. As a result, we reflect on those interactions coupled with our relationships. Furthermore, we

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