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Relating To Scott Russell Sanders' Essay Under The Influence, Paying The Price Of My Father's Booze

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I can still remember the day, June 2, 2013, my cousin took his own life due to alcohol. This is not the first time alcoholism has taken a family member from my family. I lost my uncle ten years ago to the same things, but running his truck into a tree. Like Scott Russell Sanders’ my family has suffered from the pain and disease that alcohol causes. Although Sanders’ case was much different than mine, my families is more unknown until all of a sudden one of my family members is gone. In Sanders’ essay, “Under the Influence: Paying the Price of my Father’s Booze,” he discusses how it was growing up around him, his father’s life being taken, and his life now.
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Sanders’, with tears streaming his face every time, wondered if it was going to be the last time that he would ever see his father. It was always a couple days or weeks that he finally would show up again. Sanders’ grew up in a church going community. There was no such thing as an alcoholic which meant no rehabs or any types of hospitals to help his father. They kept their dads drunkenness a secret the best they could because in the Bible it was a sin and they didn’t want their family to be perceived in a negative way.
Sanders’ father’s life was taken when he was around the age of forty-four. Sanders senior year in high school a miracle for his family happened, his father’s heart, liver, and kidneys had stopped working but with the help of the doctors they were able to save his life. This was a wakeup call for his father, the doctors told him that if he had one more drink that it would kill him. He stopped drinking altogether until fifteen years later when his father retired. “At least I imagine some such words, for that is all I can do, imagine, and I see Father’s hand trembling in midair as he thinks about the fifteen sober years and about the doctor’s warning, and he tells himself, Goddamnit, I am a free man, and Why can’t a free man drink on beer after a lifetime of hard work? and I see his arm reaching, his fingers closing, the can tilting to his lips” (189). His mother and father moved back to where his father grew up which was in Mississippi where he began to drink once again. Sanders’ wife and daughter went to visit on day and was shocked to see what his father had became again. It brought back many memories of his childhood; he went into the shed and once again finding empty bottles hidden within. Soon later his father went for a drive like every other while he had been drinking and went off a cliff and killed himself. Soon after his father had died, Sanders’ promised himself that he would do whatever he could to do the opposite of his father.
Now that Sanders’ is grown up he works longs hours each day doing anything that he can get his hands on to keep him busy. He has come to realize that it is because he does not want to remember the childhood he went through for causing his father to become an alcoholic and taking his life. He says that if he had just been a perfect child, did good...

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