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Relation Between Advertising And Our Consumer Culture

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Nowadays, it is a consumption society which contains both homogeneity and diversity. As one of the biggest contributor of customer culture changes, advertising is an essential and inevitable element in our daily life which could be visible anywhere and experienced different stages. Early advertisements are generally seemed as “simple, crude and naïve”, while the contemporary advertisements are “persuasive, subtle and intelligent” (McFALL, 2004:3). The early advertise agency just bought some space in media and sold to customers. As the development of advertisement, art design and unique idea were added into advertising, and then it formed advertisement industry. Advertisement industry “adjusted its marketing practices to the novel situation created by consumer culture”. (McFALL, 2004:110) Advertisement is not only an assistor to the increase of consumption economy, but also a contributor to customer culture development. “The contemporary advertising agency did emerge as the result of historical circumstances”. (McFALL, 2004:111) The advertisement industries have more significant impact on marketing and customer which could be interacted with customer’s consumption attitude, value and belief. However, “culture can function like a nature” (Cronin, 2000:145). A slogan called “I shop therefore I am” which came from Barbara Kruger was famous in recent years. She argues that every purchasing behavior could be seemed as a reflection of customer’s aesthetic attitude, consumption taste and buying habit (I Shop, therefore I Am, 2000). In this article, a topic of the reflection and interaction between advertising and modern consumer culture would be analyzed, including the necessity, representation and semiotic meaning. This essay has three main parts, through a basic review about literatures, and I would like to use historical and modern evidences to discuss the improving role of advertising industry to modern customer culture. After that, I will argue the restricted impact of the advertising in our daily life.

Literature Review
The development of advertising industry experienced many stages in recent centuries. Early development about advertising is in sixteenth and seventeenth centuries when it available to public. The advertising is classified into jobs, goods and services at that time (Zyman and Brott, 2002:9). What is more, it is a breakthrough in advertise industry when the Times advertised an advertising on front page in 1795. In general, early advertising agency emerged in this period, and the British emerged prior to the United States. Then, the commission system and concession system were taken into practice which also push advertising industry develop commercialized and marketization. However, advertising does not only work to sell product individual but it also influence people’s consumption habits and lifestyles especially in recent years. Meanwhile, discussion about consumer culture, Don Slater argued that “it forms of expert knowledge...

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