Relations Between South Africa And Usa Under The Leadership Of Trump Research Paper

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China is becoming a flight destination and country for mixed migration because of its geographical and economic importance. The biggest refugee problem of China is the North Korea refugees that are in China, these refuges go to China in search for food and a better life, hundreds of Korean are now residing on the border areas. The Chinese government worries that the problem they are having with refugees will put pressure on its already complex duty of upholding political relations with the two Koreas. China has complex relations thus has it not made fixed policies towards North Korean refugees who are passing through China in search for a better life in South Korea and other countries. This position paper highlights Chinas position in concern of the North Korean immigrants by scrutinising the country’s national legal duties and its political relations with the Koreans. Because China and Korea maintained a strong relationship back in the World War, but because of the refugee crisis China there has been an impact on the diplomatic triangle between North Korea and South Korea and China itself.
1. Statistics on the South Korean refugees in China and the relationship between the citizens and the refugees
There is an estimate of 30,000 - 60,000 North Korean refugees and heaven seekers in China currently, the refugees pass through China to go settle down in South Korea where they are welcome and not seen a refugees, they are welcomed as citizens, but only 2,000 make it there each year. A large number of North Korea refugees are unable to proceed to South Korea and then they are seen as economic refugees and then get repatriated back to North Korea when they get caught in China (Kim, 2012: 142). By 2010 Chinas population was at 1.33 billion people, but there is also internal migrants who are in the process of seeking safe heaven (Wang, 2010).
There is an unhealthy relationship amongst the Chines and the North Korea refugees since there is repatriation of the refugees, China recognises these refugees as economic asylums and force them back to North Korea. The conditions within which the North Korean refugees live in are terrible, they are exposed to bodily harm, expressive and sexual abuse, they are constantly in fear of being caught and returned home because when they get home they are going to be punished. This refugees don’t get any help from the Chinese citizens they end up begging for survival, or getting help from the Chinese pupil responsible for racial Korean public example, North Korean refugees are harassed and blackmailed by man wearing police uniform who demand for money in the exchange of not turning them into the authority (Ho bae & Ku, 2013: 374).
2. The Impact of North Korean refugees on China
The North Korean refugees can have the following impact on China, economic impact and social impacts
A. Economic impact
The North Korean refugees compete with the citizens of China for scarce resources since their arrival, the scarce...

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