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Relations Between The Government Of Canada And The First Nations People Of Canada

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There have been several Canadian groups who have been unhappy with the way the Government of Canada has treated them over the years. Three of the major unsatisfied groups were the Aboriginals of Canada, the Westerners, and the Quebecois. Out of the three aforementioned groups, it is clear that one of them has had complaints and grievances that are much more severe, and much more legitimate than the others. These people are the Aboriginals of Canada, otherwise known as the First Nations. Over the years, the First Nations people have been treated inhumanely and severely discriminated against. Although over the past several years this trend has begun to decrease in severity, there is still much work to be done to reconcile the differences and tensions the Government of Canada created between themselves and the First Nations people of Canada.It is clear, as already mentioned, that the First Nations are not the only people who have felt they have been treated poorly by the government. However, "felt" is the key word in that statement. Both the Westerners and the Quebecois may feel that they have the most legitimate reasons to complain to the government and receive compensation and favors for it, but this is not right. Were the Westerners and the Quebecois forced to give up their culture? Were the Westerners and the Quebecois forced to give up their religion? Did the Westerners and the Quebecois have their land taken away, the land that was rightfully theirs? No. None of this is the case.In the case of the Westerners, their biggest complaint is that they feel that they are treated like a colony to eastern Canada. They feel the government controlled their trading rights, their economy, their resources, and have provided inequitable government-based institutions. Even though this may be true to a certain degree, it is obvious that Western Canadians are making a bigger fuss out of these problems than they should be. There are many ways that the First Nations are worse off than the Westerners. Take the case of land for example. Much too often the Aboriginals have their land taken away from them to be used for building roads, cities, and basically ruining the once stunning landscape of Canada. Did this happen to the Westerners? No, it did not. The Westerners never had their land taken away from them. In fact, they were one of the main reasons the Aboriginals lost their land! There are many other detailed topics that can be used to analyze this injustice... For instance, there is the topic of how the Westerners were not forced to give up their traditions, cultures, or languages; nor were the Westerners literally beaten to death if they didn't comply with the assimilation process. There are many more examples of this throughout history.Next, there is the Quebecois. Their main complaint is that the government and citizens of Canada do not view them as equal, and they demand to be considered a "distinct" society different from the rest of Canada. They claim...

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