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The Lifestyle Of A Panda Essay

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Pandas are some of the only animals that have a carnivorous digestive system, but they are primarily herbivores. Pandas are uniquely different mammals, but only some are left since they are an endangered species. Pandas are unique for a bunch of reasons such as their lifestyle. Pandas also live in a unique environment, but it is necessary for them to live in that habitat due to their diet which makes them mostly unique. They also have a distinctive appearance and they also have a unique reproduction habit. Pandas are fascinating animals to learn about due to all of these characteristics of theirs.
First of all pandas have a different lifestyle than many other animals since they are also known to be anti-social. They can also live up to twenty years in wild, but they can live up to thirty years of age living in captivity. Pandas also live alone unless mating season, but researchers have found pandas living together and protecting a large territory. Panda babies also are only with their mother until the age of three but never their father. Pandas have a complex lifestyle while they are also mainly anti-social, but they are also beginning to become social in a way.
Another unique characteristics about pandas is they’re habitat is mainly found in the wild in Asia, but their habitat is different than others. Pandas live at high elevation such as between five thousand feet to ten thousand feet above sea level. Pandas also are located in broadleaf and coniferous forests with a dense understory of bamboo. Pandas are only found in other countries like the United States, Russia, and etc in captivity, but they are only found in Asia in the wild. A panda’s habitat is based on many factors that make it unique such as their diet and the amounts of vegetation.
An interesting characteristic about pandas is their appearance. Pandas are commonly large, and male pandas can weigh up to at least two hundred fifty pounds, but female pandas can only weigh up to two hundred twenty pounds. Because of their fur they have also adapted to live at high elevations which keep them warm in the winter and...

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