Relationship Between Children And Television Essay

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A girl enters a room to see her mother sitting on a chair by the window.

She was very deliberately waiting/ Perhaps for my father to com home/
from his night job or maybe for a dream/that had promised to come by/
“come here” she said “i’ll teach you a poem: I see the moon and the
moon sees me god bless the moon and god bless me” I taught it to my
son who recited it to her. (Giovanni 435)

As the years progress and technology advances, encounters like the previous one becoming more and more scarce. The relationships have become less physically active, and more digitally ordered. Although many parents are trying to preserve the bonds of physical contact and inter-personal discussion, the youth of today are just too embedded in the modern norms. The start of this disconnect came with the start of technology, especially with the invention of the television, which now teaches, inspires, and practically baby-sits children.
As of 2007, ninety nine percent of households in the United States have at least one television, and the average American watches more than four hours of TV each day (Herr). This comes to a total of twenty-eight hours per week, and collectively, a rough 250 billion hours of television per year. Of these statistics, children have grown to become the leading factor in how much TV is on during the day. Studies have shown that children have spent about 400 more hours watching television than they spend in school overall. The same studies have also shown that children spend an estimated 1700 minutes watching television per week, when they only have about three and a half minutes worth of conversation with their parents. That means that for every minute a child talks with their parent, they watch 480 minutes worth of television. This kind of disconnect does nothing but widens the gap between parent and child.
Granted, some television can have positive influence on children, such as having educational television programs on before and after school, or providing access to current events and documentaries, but there needs to be a limit on what children watch, and how often. Programs featuring intense violence and subject matter tailored for adult viewers occasionally fall into children’s view, causing a potentially negative influence or bad role model for the child. Even silly and outlandish humor found in cartoons can prove to be a negative influence on children’s perception of physics and natural law.
According to Kyla Boyse from the University of Michigan Health Center, parents can take several steps in protecting and supervising their children. One way is for parents to educate their children on using television for academic purposes, and explaining any violent subject matter to children as they watch, or explaining how some things seen in cartoons are not necessarily allowed in real life. This explanation reinstates that quality time spent with a child, and can be turned into an educational experience. After all, learning what not...

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