Relationship Between Curriculum And Self Efficacy Essay

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1.1 Statement of the Problem
The intention of this study is to investigate the relationship between the curriculum of the Design and Development of Educational Games (CET-301) course which is given by Yeditepe University and teacher candidates’ self-efficacy regarding the developing educational software. In Today, computers and other electronic tools has become a crucial part of education with the contribution of huge developments in technological area. Using technology to teach an educational subject or including any kind of technological tools into the learning process has several benefits on students’ academic achievement, motivation, self-concept and engagement (Godzicki, Godzicki, Krofel, & Michaels, 2013; Kachala & Bialo, 1994). Moreover, it has to be emphasized that the main work force who are expected to create educational software in the area is educated in Computer Education and Instructional Technology (CEIT) departments of the universities (Aşkar & Dönmez, 2004).
Educational Software is described as the computer software which aims teaching and includes digital teaching material or materials by creating a self-learning environment. There are several researches determined the positive effects of implementing technology for educational purposes (AlAmmary , 2012 ; Kulik & Kulik, 1991; Protheroe , 2005; Schacter,1999; Wenglinsky, 2005). According the findings of a study in which investigated both students and teachers who have computers at home and school conducted by Dwyer, Ringstaff & Haymore (1994), using computers synchronously with the educational process gains abilities to the students in means of exploring information, having social awareness, possessing self-confidence, applying communication skills, working collectively, learning independently and having a routine of using technology.
In connection with the pre-admission that creating educational software is related with the computer skills, there has to be emphasized that how teachers’ computer self efficacy affect the quality of education and learning outcomes. Bandura(1994, p.1-2) describes the comprehended self-efficacy as the trust of people on their capableness for generating specific levels of execution which has an effect on their lives. Peoples’ perception of self-efficacy ascertains their sensations, thoughts and motivations about themselves. Influences of these beliefs are categorized in four sections: Cognitive, Motivational, Affective and Selection Process. He also underlines that the strongest way of composing a forceful perception of self-efficacy is possible with implementing mastery experiences. Hence, this study will focus to develop a curriculum includes more educational and practical activites can be exercised during the CET-301 course to gain teacher candidates self-efficacy on both creating educational software and using computer. According to Compeau & Higgins (1995, p.192), Computer self-efficacy refers to intuition of a person about...

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