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Relationship Between Different Lengths Essay

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Research question
Is there a correlation between the leg length, height and stride length?

1. Measuring tape
2. Paper
3. Pen
4. Calculator

1. Using the measuring tape; measure the leg length by putting the starting end of the tape on the malleolus, and the ending point on the iliac crest. Make sure the person you are doing the measurements on does not feel uncomfortable.
2. Record the length of the leg and height in two different columns.
3. Ask the person to walk five metres and count the amount of steps he/she takes.
4. Write down the amount of steps the person took.
5. Divide five metres with the amount of steps taken in order to find the walking stride length.
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The explanation of this relationship could be explained by the structure of the body. As the leg length increases, an individual should in theory have the ability to take larger strides, as their legs could stretch further and thus, an increase in stride length occurs.
The individuals from which data was collected from, was not broad enough. In order to collect more accurate data regarding all of the aspects, a larger number of individuals could have been tested. Having a small group of individuals would result in a higher chance of inaccuracy in the results. A greater group would allow there to be more variation and allowances to be made for inaccuracies to occur. Therefore in order to strengthen and improve this experiment, one could instead of only using data from 7 individuals, conduct this experiment on 70 or perhaps even 700 individuals in order to be more accurate and reliable.

I conducted the experiment in 5 trials, this means that there is a certain degree of reliability in the data but, however, this reliability could be improved by conducting more trials. While increasing the number of people that we are conducting the trials on, we should also increase the number of trials for each person to about 10. Then we should calculate the average for each set of data for each person and then combine the results for everyone together, just as we...

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