Relationship Between Taking Breakfast And Academic Performance

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A total of 52 undergraduate’s students responded to and complete the survey. The demographic data are summarized in table 1. 17 percent of the respondents were male. Meanwhile the 44 percent of the respondents were from level 4 which means they are in fourth year of their study. The Cumulated Grade Point Average (CGPA) were been compare between two variable; the respondent who take breakfast and do not take the breakfast. Figure 2, indicates the percentage of CGPA of the respondents. 67 percent of the respondents which take breakfast reported got average CGPA 3.1 to 3.5. Meanwhile, respondent who did not take breakfast shows 18 percent higher on the CGPA (2.6< 3.0) than the respondents who take breakfast with 44 percent.

How frequently it’s consumed?

Figure 2 shows the frequency of the respondent in consuming breakfast. As 41.7 percent of the respondents reported taking breakfast every day while 60.3 percent do not always have breakfast in which 41.7 percent eat breakfast in often and just 18.5 percent of the respondents indicated sometimes, whilst the percentage of respondents who never taking breakfast as their first meal were 49 percent. Furthermore Figure 3 illustrates, as 88.9 percent of the respondents were likely to take breakfast before class started, and the rest were taking breakfast just on weekend and before test with the percentage reported 7.4 and 3.7 percent respectively.

Breakfast consumption and academic’s performance
Spearman’s Rho was used to analyze the obtained data. The result indicates, breakfast frequency did not shows positive correlation on the types of academic performance except on the element of note taking where the rho -0.4; p<0.05 (Full details in Table 3). This finding assumes that, there is negative relationship between breakfast consumption and academic performance. Thus, it seems breakfast did not give impact on the types of academic performance.

It was hypothesized that there is a positive relationship between taking breakfast and the types of academic performance but the result in this study explains taking breakfast did not have impact on the types of academic performance. This coincide with the finding on Staub (2000) from a study of 69 freshmen undergraduate from Layola University New Orleans in which taking breakfast did not seem to impact the types of school performance.
However, in regard of the results on the CGPA, students who taking breakfast have highest rate on the CGPA which may support the hypothesis. Therefore, this finding could support earlier research hypothesis which indicates that breakfast affects student’s performance.
Subsequently, the results shows most of the students are taking breakfast before the class might due to belief and their own habit. According to Chapman et al. (1998) “Majority of the...

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