Relationship Between The Holocaust And Genocide

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We learn about the Holocaust to learn the meaning of genocide, religious freedom, racism, discrimination, and superiority. We learn that villians choose to be evil they are not born evil. We learn about hypocrits and soldiers without morals. We learn with immoral beliefs and cowards who won't face the truth and damage they have created. We learn about Jewish struggles including camps wher innocents and adolesents are murdered. We learn about the Holocaust to prevent it from happening again.

We learn about how Hitler became evil because his father didn't spend time with him. We learn that even Hitler tried to run away from being drafted into World War I. How he was injured twice in the war ...view middle of the document...

We learn that the Holocaust is a sacrafice by fire which many jews and other undesirables had to go through. Then came the biggest change of all when they started using Zyklon B to kill the undesirables even faster.

We learn that World War II started in 1942 because sources say that it did not become a World War until after the U.S. joined when the actual war started September 1939 with the German invasion of Poland. We learn that the Tuskegee Airmen were a group of black airmen who were taking part in an experiment to see how black pilots would do as part of the airforce. This experiment was a stepping stone for all blacks during and after World War II. In World War II many jews and undesirables were held in camps mostly in Germany and Poland. They had death camps, concentration camps, and transit camps also they probably had more types of camps. The Germans did medical experiments on Jews. During World War II the Germans made Jews wear the star of David on all their clothes. Germans believed that Jews were a biological danger to the purity Hitler was trying to create.

While learning about the Holocaust we learn about heroes and villians, friends and enemies, and saviors are the soldiers of the U.S. Millitary. We also learn that Anne Frank and and the people who hid her and her family these people and people like them are also our heroes and saviors of...

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