Relationship Between Urbanisation And Climate Change

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Association between Climate Change and Urbanisation

Urbanisation refers to the physical progression of urban areas. It results in the migration of rural population to the aforementioned metropolitan areas. People get attracted from the countryside to cities to work for corporal industries. The usual reason for urbanisation is deficiency of employment in rural residences.
Climate change speaks of radical changes in the weather conditions of a place, or the whole planet. It is affected by several natural factors such as temperature changes, precipitation, wind and solar radiation; and occurrences such as earthquakes and droughts. It is also severely affected by several human factors. This paper will explore the impact urbanisation makes in this process.

In today’s contemporary world, the 21st century, one of the biggest problems that our Globe faces is climate change. Activities occurring in the urban sector of the society are what contribute most to the change in climate. Therefore, it is no surprise that an increase in urbanisation will effect climate change drastically and increase temperatures all around the globe.


The reason I chose this topic is because it is something that impacts each and every aspect of the living world. It is highly essential to acted upon this issue or else the human world might face temperature rises like never before. I feel that this issue is not very well known and is not given nearly as much importance as it requires. I would like to make a change by introducing ways to amend the urban life and reduce the effect of the urban life on the dire changes in climate.

Key Issues

This essay covers the junctures between two of the extremely significant socio-ecological issues existing in today’s world. The first is the escalation of the urban form as the dominant geographical setting for life on Earth. Another is the emergence of climate change as an actual and existing hazard to socio-ecological sustainability on the planet.
Relation between Climate Change and Urbanisation
Urbanisation poses a threat to the environment as it carries with it, deforestation. Not only is deforestation too one of the major causes of climate change but the industries that take over that very land, add to this effect as well.
At the present, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. It is predicted that...

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