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To effect positive learning outcomes for our students, it was important for me to establish an environment where the teaching and supporting staff could work collaboratively and be inspired to take risks and would enhance their instructional capacity. In order to do so, developing trust among staff and with the administrator was vital if we were to have success. Building and maintaining authentic relationship is continuous, and that relational trust is also fragile and ephemeral. One tragic incident can bring unity, but it can also be taken away with a small mishap from the administrator. In my second year as the principal at Jean Parker Elementary School, I have experienced the emotional ...view middle of the document...

By investing the time to listen, I learned that she just received news about a good friend who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I advised her to seek professional support, which she obliged. As a school leader, it was important that I modeled compassion and provided her the support she needed to get better in order for her to be effective in teaching her students.
In another instance, I have a hardworking mediocre teacher who really thought I was out to “get her”. With the advent of implementing common core standards and the expectation in developing the core curriculum in English Language Arts as part of the internal and external accountability substantially increased this teachers apprehension as school commenced this year. Change was extremely difficult for her. This teacher is traditional in her pedagogical approach and relies heavily from a scripted curricular program. To make things even more complicated, it was also her evaluation cycle this year. With this uneasiness looming, she began launching a micro-political campaign against her perceived unrealistic expectations of the...

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