Relationship: Mother And Children In Literature

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Tohidul Alam
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May 21, 2014
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Relationship: Mother and children
In this world, there is a lot of relation exist, and relation basically depend on love, affection, care, respect, trust etc. Relation often lie between two or more people who have enough faith on each other; such as, relation between friend, relation between teacher, relation between classmates and such more, yet the best relationship is the relation between mother and children. It is because mother is the door for the children to enter this world. Therefore, it is the duty for children to appreciate their mother about things that she has done for them; and at the same time the mother can also raise their children with respect. In another words, because mother had go through lot of pain when they give birth to children, does not necessarily mean they can abuse the children or raise the children without proper care. Hence, mother and children are both can help each other to live life better with peace and happiness.
In the book of “A Brief Life of Oscar Wao” Diaz Junot talked about Oscar’s family that they each have some sort of difficulties with their mother. Oscar Wao was known as a play boy in his school and he never seemed serious at any girl he plays with. However, eventually he fell in love with a girl from his school and as a result he couldn’t forget missing the girl. On the other hand, Oscar mother does not want him to keep the relationship with that girl. Yet, Oscar life changed dramatically that he does not look to be play boy anymore, because Oscar was seriously loved with her and he wanted to be with her forever. Oscar mother seemed no interest at Oscar love and she also seem like she does not care for her children, but she is really busy with her job and her own life. For instance, Oscar’s sister Lola’s life is pretty horrible at her very young age. First of all, she is so young that she can’t even help her own self to live and also unable to get a proper education. Which means if she does not get enough take care from her mother than there is few chance for her to have a better life? Next, Lola’s decision of leaving her mom was never a good decision; therefore, she had to face a lot of difficulties over finding a place to live. On her way of finding a new place she met with a Hispanic guy Aldo and she had fallen love with him without knowing the true meaning of love. Moreover, perhaps to live with Aldo Lola needed make him happy so unfortunately, she had sex with Aldo. On the other hand, Lola’s mother Belicia could definitely help Lola to not let her leave from the house by show her a little bit of love and care. Lola once said “I didn’t write them a note. That’s how I hated them. Her” (Lola, 64). Furthermore she said “I had run away, so I was happy! Happy!” (Lola 64). By these statement of Lola one can guess that the reason for her to leave the house is because she could not handle the...

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