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Relationship Of Self Esteem To Objective Success: Is It A Cause Or Consequence?

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It has been stipulated that self-esteem is one of the most studied concepts in social psychology. In the now classic study Pygmalion in the Classroom by Rosenthal and Jacobsen, it highlights how teachers' unfounded beliefs about their students became objective realities of the students performance (Baumeister, Campbell, Krueger, & Vohs, 2003, p. 2). Early studies like this one has ignited the pursuit to find ways to increase self-esteem and encourage instillment, or creation, of self-esteem to guarantee future success. Because it is so popularly studied, results of studies investigating variables associated with self-esteem often significantly vary. In our individualistic culture, having high-self esteem is a coveted state. Through multiple studies exploring this topic, perhaps a conclusion can be made about the relationship between self-esteem and success. Is self-esteem a predictor of success or a result of achieving the success?
A previous study called "Predictors of situational disengagement in the academic setting," the authors Stephan, Caudroit, Boiché, and Sarrazin (2011) examined the predictors of discounting or devaluing negative feedback in a physical education class in France. By comparing the grades received in class (of which the participants were informed) and the reports of the students type of motivation, as well as their perceived competence in the subject (p.446). The researchers measured the level of disengagement and perceived competence following receiving the individual grades. They identified three different kinds of motivation is from the self-determination theory: intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, and amotivation, or absence of motivation (p.444). If an unsatisfactory grade was received, the student could possibly devalue that failure or discount the grade received as invalid. These reactions acted as means to defend self-esteem, as well as decrease of perceived competence. The measure of motivation was meant to act as the predictor of how the individual reacted to their feedback (p.445). The results shows a student's self-esteem and interpretation of feedback "is a crucial determinant of their persistence in, versus drop-out from, the school context" (p.452).
Self-esteem also has a possible effect on how one recalls memories and the type of memories recalled in relation to success or failure. A study called "Self-esteem memories and school success in early adolescence" by Ivcevic, Pilllemer, and Brackett (2010), the researchers investigated the content of self-esteem memories in relation to whether they were especially good or especially bad (p. 1267). Under the assumption that "autobiographical memories is closely relation to concepts of the self," it was found that the content of memory was influenced by whether it was good or bad (p. 1265). Much of the negative memories were associated with social themes, 63.1%, and most positive memories involved achievement themes, 35.5%, social themes...

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