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Relationships Affected By Media Essay

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The media
The media can come in many forms. From social media, magazines to Television. Although there are fundamental differences the core purpose of all media is communication. Whether it be to inform, entertain or advertise.
Communication comes in many forms as well. For example: written or spoken communication. These all involve the the exchange of information through different medias. In order for communication to be carried our correctly, understanding must be accomplished which in turn effects your relationships.
Relationships refer to interaction between yourself and other people. There are many types of relationships. For example: Casual, filial and romantic relationships.

The following illustrated essay will explain how the media affects ones beliefs and values towards relationships. It will explore the different media devices and how they individually affect on the perception of an individual.

Pertaining to Movies, as a from of media. It can be seen that movies express idealised forms of relationships. An appropriate example is romance. Soap operas and movies all provide the public with idealised concepts, such as “love at first sight”. Many people interpret this concept and think that love is an instant connection between people. In these films a couple is able to fall involve with in a matter of minutes, get married and live in “prosperity for all eternity”. Movies have also idealised appearance and personality. This concept, however, does not work in reality. A person’s personality can not be judged by how he or she looks. The common misbelief as a result of “love at first sight” is that it will last. It is possible to be attracted to someones looks but love is not determined by a glance, rather by personality compatibility and understanding which cannot be seen straight away.

Although television impacts negatively, this idealised love does make us feel good about ourselves and helps us understand different values and beliefs about love. In some cases (on television shows) the role of gender in a relationship is showed to be different to some old cultural beliefs. For example: a women is an independent, hard working single mother, instead of a “house wife” who's main responsibility in a marriage relationship is to be loyal to her husband.
Gender equality is often emphasised in some Hollywood movies. Women are depicted doing what some call a “man’ s job”.

- Erin Brockovich (2000)

Looking at social networking, the word “friend” looses meaning. On social networking sites, such as Facebook, the word “friend” is used to describe a contact on a persons “Contact List”. Many adolescents thus see a friend as no more than a number. Instead of worrying about creating a filial relationship with people on Facebook (i.e. communicating on a friendship level) or spending physical time together, many teens only worry about the number of contacts they have (popularity status). This is a...

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