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Importance Of Communication In Relationships Essay

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Communication plays a significant role in a relationship. Communication is one of the most important traits that relationships must possess in order to be successful. The lack of communication within a relationship will more than likely result in the relationship coming to an end. Oftentimes relationships fall apart because the two parties fail to communicate to resolve problems and important issues regarding their commitment to one another.
Self-disclosure is one of the greatest ordeals in any relationship. Individuals have to be very open-minded in their relationships and be willing to discuss their feelings. The feelings could include any fears or any doubts they may have about themselves. Those are the things that better the communication in the relationship as individuals are able to discuss their deepest feelings with one another and even uplift and encourage each other when needed. Michelle L. Crowe claims that “emotions are considered inherently meaningful processes that reflect themes capturing an individual’s relationships” (2012). When couples share their emotions with each other they are able to discover new traits about each other, which in return helps their relationship grow stronger. Couples that are in the phase courtship and both displaying self-disclosure are more likely to develop a successful relationship as “[a] couple’s average self-disclosure score [is] positively correlated with self-satisfaction and relationship satisfaction” (Kito, 2005, 129). Significant others that possess similar personality traits tend to work efficiently on self-disclosure in a relationship. Demonstrating in research, O’Mahn, Beach, and Tesser found that as closeness heightens performance concerns and because similar people are attracted to each other (1998). For example, these significant others who eventually become “might talk a lot about what happened in work or what they think about their children” (Kito, 2005, 137). These spouses feel that it’s much easier to work with someone that’s similar to them because they tend to have similar interests. As a result, some people enjoy having someone similar to them while some people do not mind not having someone that has a different personality than theirs. Self-disclosure allows couples to better communicate with each other as they almost always have something to discuss. Moreover, disclosure provides couples of all stages with the ability to communicate about more things of the non-obvious and also makes the relationship healthier.
The ability to listen is one of the greatest components that two individuals must possess in order to create and maintain strong relationship. Thus, each individual must be willing to provide the other with their attention during deep emotion filled conversations. In successful relationships “romantic partners are expected to engage in relationship maintenance
cognitions and behaviors,” such as finding ways to get their get both points...

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