Relationships And Interconnectedness Social Work Relationships And Interconnectedness

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Lucy Nguyen
Professor Mackelvie
Assignment #4
November 19, 2017
Relationships and Interconnectedness
Relationships is what most people build or have throughout their life. As a person is growing up they are already force in a relationship due to the facts of their family. In some cases, some do not have the privilege of having relationships and that can be fine too. From readings Listening is an Act of Love I learn how important human relationships can be and how it connects with interconnectedness. Having insights about human relationships and interconnectedness is very informative to Social Work Practice because if you can build a relationship and connect with who you are helping it be easier to help them better. Being able to connect is very important in the Social Work Practice because if you cannot connect you can’t really help.
With readings the story from Listening is an Act of Love I personally can connect with most of the stories. I learn that everyone has a story and you can’t really judge a book by it cover. The story of Sulochana Konur and her daughter-in- law Melissa Konur is something I can really relate too. In my relationship with my boyfriend we come from two different background. For myself I came from a very traditional Vietnamese family and he came from a very American family. When I meet first his family it was very different because I never really dated someone outside my race. But over time I build a relationship with his family because I know I would be spending my life with him. I knew if I didn’t try to understand his family our relationship would not work. Having a relationship to me it very important because it help shape the future. If you can learn to connect that mean you are willing to learn and want to be help build a stronger relationship with whoever you want too.
In the Social Work Practice, it is very important that a person can connect with whoever they are helping. For most work in the Social Work Practice it’s about helping who in need of your help. If you cannot...

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