Relationships Between Parents And Adolescents Essay

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In America, the society runs on what teenagers want. From Nicki Minaj to the junior section at Sears, most of what the people see, hear, or touch is aimed at the teenagers. Being an adolescent is probably the most exciting and most popular time period in a person’s life. The teens seem to have it all, but what about the parents who raise them? The parents of the teenagers never get any credit during this time period, although they have every right to. Parents and teenagers should strive for a strong, lasting relationship for these years, though most times there isn’t one. The relationship between teenagers and parents is the most vital bond in the family because this relationship should and will prepare them for the next step in life.
1) A Changing Time
Developmental effects are what make a teen a teen. At the beginning of adolescence, a teenager undergoes many changes in their life physically. In fact, sources have said that teens change faster than any other age range (Lindsay 22). They will “shoot up in their height” (Fenwick 15). A girl will start growing around the age of nine and ten and reach full maturity about age 16, while guys start at roughly twelve and reach full maturity around age eighteen. Teen weight fluctuates often as well. It might even double between the ages of ten and eighteen (Fenwick 16). For guys, this weight is mainly muscle but for girls, the weight is both muscle and fat (Fenwick 17). These changes do not always happen at the same time for everybody. The earlier developers are normally smarter than the standard and delayed developers. Also, they are taller than their friends, which for guys will make them popular but it will make girls feel like they don’t belong, and develop bad posture as a result. If a child is a delayed developer, they generally lack confidence. This sometimes means that guys will not date any girls until they catch up at about sixteen.
Throughout adolescence, teens reach certain milestones. For eleven to fourteen year olds, they worry about their appearances, undergo a lot of hormonal changes, and the urge to be original, not a copy. As a result of being original, they will experiment with a lot of different looks. Also, at this age they will start becoming closer to their small circle of friends who dress similarly take part in the same extracurricular activities (Mannheim). When the teen reaches ages 15 and 16, some milestones might be that they are becoming more independent thinkers and start questioning the values they have been taught since they were little, which might frustrate the parents. The teen will start to have relationships (Fenwick 30-31). Finally, when the child reaches ages 17 and 18, they will have some more milestones in their life. For instance, they will become more attached to certain causes than others and feel like they are the main adult in the house, which might cause parents some trouble because the parents will be fighting for the title of ‘head-of-the-house’...

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