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Relationships Between Parents And Children In Pride And Prejudice

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How do the writers present the relationship between parents and
children? What issues do they deal with and what do they seem to


''Pride and Prejudice'' was written by the English author Jane Austen
and was published in 1913. In this novel Jane Austen portrays the
quiet, day-to-day life of members of the upper middle class. Her works
combine romantic comedy with social satire and psychological insight.

'Your Shoes' is set in a modern day society and is written by the
Author Michele Roberts. 'Your Shoes' is a poem about a daughter who
has run away from home. In this poem the shoes symbolise the narrators
daughter, because as long as she can see and fell the shoes then she
feels a connection to her daughter.

The key theme in both these stories is the theme of parental
relationship, as they both differ in social class systems, as with
'Pride and Prejudice' the social class system was well-versed in the
intricacies of class behavior. In those days face to face exchange
among the elite was not random utterance but virtuoso exercise.
Whereas in 'Your Shoes', social class systems are not considered as
highly and much more freedom is given, than in the Victorian times.

The writer in 'Pride and Prejudice' presents the relationship between
the parents and daughter as some what crude, as the mother seems to
more interested in marrying off her daughters and materialistic wealth
and happiness than her own daughters blissfulness. The conversation
between the mother and daughters is lively but she is not really
interested in what the daughters have got to say. The mother always
seems to answer for her daughter, " Yes, certainly. I am sure Lizzy
will be very happy, I am sure she can have no objection."

The writer does this to show us how headstrong the mother can be, and
also to show us that in those days women were not aloud to think for
themselves and that decisions were made for them.

In 'Your Shoes', the bond/ relationship between the mother and the
daughter is not good, this shows that the mother has her own complex
problems to deal with. The relationship is fraught with anxieties and
emotion. There is a lot of secrecy between the mother and the daughter
and the mother often spies on her daughter to see what she is doing,
as the communication between them is very touch and go, as the
daughter never actually tells the mother what is going on inside her
head and so has to do things in secrecy. This would make the reader
think that there is not a bond between the mother and daughter,
"Daughters ought to be close to their mothers."- Line 104.

The relationship between the father and daughters in 'Pride and
Prejudice' is somewhat different as tends to be more attentive to his
daughters. When Mr. Collins asks Elizabeth to marry him and she
refuses Mrs. Bennet is in uproar. She goes directly to Mr. Bennet with
her concern. Mr. Bennet immediately defends Elizabeth...

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