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Relationships Between People And Things Essay

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Relationships have infested every square mile of the human world and beyond. Whether it is between two lovers, a writer and their favorite pen, a child and the brightest wishing star, a dancer and their music, an accountant with their numbers that were hostilely punched into their expensive calculator, the college student and their beloved microwave, Native Americans and the open plains that are known to them as their home, A woman and her maternal instincts or her hope for a better day or her prince charming to come and sweep her off her feet, a predator and their unfortunate doomed prey, A distraught polar bear who is faced with the ever-growing and unsolved controversy of global warming, or something euphonious like a person and their dog. When one observes the metropolis around ones self, one has the tendency to notice the relationships that are usually ignored in everyday life and can see the mystery and beauty that plays through it all. Even before the infamous “Big Bang Theory”, the Earth contained a countless numbers of relationships in all forms and meanings.A Relationship is generally defined by “a connection, association, or involvement” with a noun, ( With only these three words one not only receives confirmation that an relationship is more than kinship or between two friends but could be formed from the love of a hometown, once paying a Jiffy worker to pump their gas, or a misquote making someone’s skin itch. From the previous example of the loyal relationship between a person and their day, lies countless answers to how this all works out. For instance, the loyal bond between a person and mans best friend is one that can not be broken. When one is in a relationship where lies, and betrayal could never exist instead is given a friend with an enduring welcoming face at the door every time on adored owner walks through the threshold while still willing at all times protect their owner during any hand that is dealt at them throughout ones journey in life. While also leaving an elderly aged human could still kept young is one relationship for the books. This bond not only entertains both parties but this unconditional love is one that educates both as well. Within this alliance the person learns responsibility, forgiveness, inspired to try to love no...

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