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Relationships, Emotions, And Judgments In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter

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The relationships with-in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book, The Scarlett Letter, can probably be found in some today’s most intriguing soap operas. At the beginning of Scarlet Letter we are introduced to a beautiful young lady by the name of Hester Prynne. We are told that she has had a very complex relationship with an older man by the name of Rogers Chillingworth (Hawthorne). The basis of this relationship was never stated in the book it is believed that Chillingworth paid more attention to his profession, medicine, instead of Hester (Weinauer). Chillingworth figured that the marriage would not last forever. This is proven when he says to Hester, “I ask not wherefore, nor how, thou hast fallen ...view middle of the document...

Since the book picks up in the middle of the action, the beginning of Hester and Dimmesdale’s relationship is never stated. Her true love was devoted to the well-spoken clergyman Arthur Dimmesdale. Fully knowledgeable of what they were doing they feel in love but could not show it publicly. It is shown that Hester and Dimmesdale are weak individuals by how quickly they fell into temptation and how they responded to the effects the affair had on their life (Macy). Dimmesdale could not handle the effects what so ever. As the days went on he got paler and weaker. The guilt from the affair was slowly eating away Dimmesdale’s inside. Hester on the other hand became a stronger woman. Dealing with the harsh treatments of society helped her establish a thick coat of skin (Myerson). Despite all of the negatives tolls the relationship had on their life they both still cared deeply for each other. This is proven when Dimmesdale is interrogating Hester and clasps his heart after saying, “She will not speak,” he knows he is the father and is trying to cope with the heartache and feelings of guilt (Hawthorne Pg. 69). It is proven again when Dimmesdale is laying in Hester’s arms on his death bed. In the novel Hester states, “Shall we not meet again? … Thou lookest far into eternity, with those bright dying eyes! Then tell me what thou seest,” further proving the love she had for Dimmesdale (Hawthorne 229).
The relationship between Hester and Pearl is a difficult one to explain. The relationship was not your typical mother-daughter bond. Hester loved her daughter, but she speculated that she maybe a demon child because of the conditions she was conceived in and her unusual behavior. Pearl in return loves her mother deeply, as any child would, but she knows that she is an outcast with-in the town. She also suspects the reason she is an outcast is because of her mother. As the story unfolds the two begin to grow closer as they come to realize they are all that they have...

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