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Relationships With Adults Journaling Wnmu Assignment

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Child Development Birth to 5:
Using Knowledge to Inform Teaching
Session 2: Relationships with Adults Journaling Assignment

In this session, you’ve learned about the Essential Area of Relationships with Adults.

In this exercise, you'll take time to reflect on a child in your classroom and journal about his or her development in this area.

Consider the children in your class, and choose one child as the focus of your reflection on development in this area. You may choose a child whose development is closely aligned with developmental expectations, exceeds expectations, or is somewhat behind expectations. Respond to the following prompts in the space provided. Take care not to use names or other identifying details in your journal entries. You will be able to review and use your journal entries as a resource when completing the Social Development Domain Assignment.

1. Reflect on this child’s development within the Essential Area of Relationships with Adults and describe what behavior you observe that indicates how he or she 1) uses primary caregivers as a resource, 2) responds differently to familiar and unfamiliar adults, and 3) engages in interactions with adults. Explain what this child’s skills and behaviors tell you about his or her developmental level (i.e., Is it at, exceeding, or behind expectations for this age?) and why.

2. Describe how this child’s development of Relationships with Adults is unique (i.e., how it differs slightly from other children).
a. Propose one individual characteristic of this child that may contribute to his or her unique development.
b. Propose one environmental factor (e.g., culture, home experiences, etc.) that may contribute to this child’s unique development in this area.


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