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Developing relationships with infants and toddlers in child care appears natural. Most people loves babies, but caring for infants and toddlers can be rewarding but at the same time difficult. Recent studies on the brain suggests that nurturing, supportive, and trusting interactions between infants/toddlers and their caregivers supply the foundation that infants experience their worlds. Relationships are critical in the development of a child’s brain and future relationships. Infants are entirely dependent upon their caregivers from whom they intuitively seek out security and protection. Babies are like sponges throughout the first three years of life, they are experiencing and discovering at a very fast rate. The caregiver plays a significant role in the development during this time. She offers the comfort and closeness that provides the baby the support and nurturing needed in order to process future experiences.
When the needs of an infant are met, trust is formed between the infant and caregiver. A baby’s trust of the caregiver is the foundation for effectively growing from one milestone to the next. Regular positive connections develop trust and assist in promoting beneficial relationships as the child grows older. With regular positive connections a child will begin to develop more confidence not only in himself but in the world around him.
A healthy shared relationship is crucial for the healthy development of an infant. According to the National Infant and Toddler Child Care Initiative, “Positive relationships between caregivers and infants help build healthy brains.” The assumption is that positive relationships accomplish more than just encourage development; they in fact are the building blocks for the brain. While this procedure continues throughout life, it is most essential throughout infancy because it influences how the brain evolves. Infants connect to the primary caregiver most frequently due to the steadiness of the relationship. This may be true of the parent or potentially the caregiver in child care environments.
Considering these types of relationships are the focus of early childhood development, it is extremely important that the primary caregivers are receptive to the child’s physical and emotional needs, provide continuous nurturing care, and are emotionally committed in the child’s well-being. Future beneficial relationships could be determined by this phase of development. Positive interaction between infants and caregivers is needed for successful development. When a baby is encouraged to explore and discover their surroundings, the child will become more independent. This independence carries over to the next phase of development and continues through out childhood.
It is necessary a baby's responses are met with positive reactions. “Virtually all infants develop close emotional bonds, or attachments, to those who regularly care for them in the early years of life.” (National Research Council,...

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