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Relationships with people shape who you become. The effects they have are diverse and are different for each individual. Somebody with a negative relationship could affect them negatively in the future. However, positive relationships could also have positive effects in the future. It isn’t rational to be afraid of relationships because of the possibility of them turning out negative.

Everyone has a unique experience with relationships and nobody will have the exact same situation. Nobody has the same experience as anyone because the smallest difference can make a huge difference. This is why everyone’s personalities are so different, because nobody can have the experience exactly the same. It’s banal to try and show that people are all different from each other in many ways. Some people are pejorative towards others and some are open and friendly because of their past.

I personally have a lesser trust towards people because of my past experiences. Being tricked or lied to can cause trust issues for people in the future. However, sometimes negative relationships can have positive effects and vice versa. A bad experience could make someone mature with the choices they make regarding other...

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