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Relatively Einstein

His genius reshaped the laws of nature. His theories changed scientists? perception of the Universe. His ideas led to the most destructive and lethal weapon known to man. Albert Einstein hypothesized some of the most complex theories of all time, The Special Theory of Relativity and The General Theory of Relativity.

He was a pudgy first child of a bougesois Jewish couple from Southern Germany. His father was an unsuccessful Engineer and his mother was a talented musician. His mother often encouraged his interests in Bach and Mozart. In his early years he received a toy compass, a gift from his father, that provoked his first "thought experiment." He was curious as to why the needle always pointed North (Golden 21).

When he was fifteen he quit prep school, renounced his German citizenship, and entered the Swiss equivalent of MIT. There he fell in love and married a classmate. The marriage lasted a short three years (Golden 21).

While coping with his loss, he moved in with a divorced cousin by the name of Elsa. She cooked and cleaned for him while he was discovering his, soon to be, theory of General Relativity. Elsa and Albert were wed a short time after (Golden 21).

At the peak of World War I he risked his wife?s life, and his own, and signed an anti-war petition. When the Nazis came to power prior to World War II, he was forced to leave Germany. He moved to Princeton, where they built a physics program around him. A Hungarian scientist warned him of the Germans? attempt to make an atomic bomb. Einstein then wrote a letter to Franklin Roosevelt and warned him of the Nazi threat. Shortly thereafter, The Manhattan Project (the program which was responsible for the designing, building and testing of the atomic bomb) was organized, in which Einstein had no part in (Hawking 66).

Albert urged for a ban on nuclear weapons after he learned of the explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He tried to convince Americans that McCarthyism (false threat of communism reaching North America) was a hoax, and called for an end to racism (Golden 22).

Shortly after graduation Einstein began to ponder about the universe. While living in Germany, he composed his first of two relativity theories; The Special Theory of Relativity (Golden 23). "The Special Theory of Relativity deals with phenomena that becomes noticeable near the speed of light, and reference frames that are moving at a constant velocity" (Gundersen 386). Einstein suggested that speed, length, and time are not constant, they are relative to one?s perspective (Sagan 544).

To clarify this Einstein would consider this thought experiment: A train is moving at a constant velocity. There is an observer, A, standing in the embankment. He has two colleagues, B and C, standing equal distances from either side of him. Both, B and C, have a flashlight, and turn them on. Observer A sees them at the same times and determines that they occurred...

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