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In Panama City, Florida, a fifteen year old and her father were trying to sell the young girl's yet unborn child for $500 and a ten year old car. Although it is against the law to sell babies, they believed that they had a moral right to do so because, as the girl argued, "the baby belongs to me."In all aspects of one’s daily life, there are numerous decisions to undertake. All acts that an individual decides to do are geared towards a product that in one way or the other benefits the active person of the action. As in the case of the fifteen-year-old mother-to-be, and her father, who is seeking to sell her yet unborn child for $500 and in exchange for a ten-year-old car, there are quite some implications that can be deduced from the situation, which amplifies the concepts of subjectivism, relativism, and egoism. Analyzing the situation using the subjectivist critique will suggest that the fifteen-year-old mother’s action is infallible as she claims, the baby belongs to her and so she has the moral right to exchange it for cash and for properties. Such action, for a subjectivist, is to be construed as valid for her actions cannot be judged according to someone else’s standard not even the standard of morality or legality set forth by any competent authority such as the law prohibiting the marketing of babies (born or unborn) as promulgated by Congress. The subjectivist part of the situation expressed by the daughter’s claim of her moral right to sell the unborn baby as based alone on the claim that she “owns” the baby. Hence, basing on her claim, she is convinced that there is nothing wrong with selling the unborn baby even for the measly price (for a human life) of $500 and a ten-year-old car. Further, her and her father’s subjectivism reflected by their disregard of generally accepted social and legal norms. Well established in any society and culture, in modern world marketing of one’s own flesh and blood is a taboo or an act that the society condemns. In fact, even without laws to prohibit and penalize such acts, the same will still be sanctioned by the society for the act is by and in itself contrary to moral values. As Rachels proposed, moral facts do exist and one of these moral facts is to take care of your own child, bear them into this world, guide and nurture them to become good human beings. In addition, this moral fact cannot be subjective or specific only to some for the same shared by all known cultures and society. In contrast, the young mother-to-be could not claim her moral right to sell her child from the premise that she “owns” the child. Parents do not own their child not even legally. Further, such reason is shallow and illogical. There is no steadfast rule that states that since A is a child of B therefore B owns A. Before such moral ground can be claimed and justified, it must be first backed by credible reason and other alternatives (Rachels, 2006) otherwise, the social...

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