Release The Green And Save The Economy

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Weed, pot, dope, Mary Jane, joint, grass, chronic. These terms possess one key factor in common; they refer to the one of the most infamous drugs in the United States, marijuana. The dispute on accepting marijuana as legal substance versus the opposition is a particularly intense subject in the United States. It is deliberated on the news, political debates, and involved in daily conversations to several. The public at least needs a fundamental comprehension of the specifics for both sides of this issue before adopting a stance. Legalizing marijuana has the potential to recover our subsided economy by launching job markets, improve tax revenue for the government, plus, it would put the American tax-payers money to commendable services.
People neglect to see the positive results from authorizing marijuana as a legal substance because they are stubbornly occupied with the criticizing arguments. There are substantial truths that contradict arguments to conserve marijuana as an illegal substance however. Americans whom are against marijuana practice, voice two basics reasons opposing the legalization of marijuana; 1) it’s a so-called “gateway” drug and 2) it can be harmful. Anti-marijuana folks like to claim that users of cocaine, meth, heroine, etc would never have started misusing these drugs if they would not have started with marijuana. Fact- marijuana is the most regularly used illicit drug. This may appear to be an argument against legalizing it, but it essentially indicates that drug users would have used marijuana. If marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug, then probabilities are that drug users would have experiences marijuana at some period in their life. The other argument against the legalization of marijuana is how it can be damaging. It is a necessity people receive some truth. Tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals are more detrimental to someone’s life than marijuana, but all are legal. Marijuana is a better alternative to pharmaceuticals when it comes to victims of chronic pain due to marijuana’s less addictive nature and the increase of appetite they will obtain. Tobacco users are more probable of developing diseases such as cancer (lung, throat, mouth, and lips), emphysema, and chronic bronchitis than marijuana users. Plus, as Time Magazine wrote, “No one has ever died of THC poisoning, mostly because a 160-lb. person would have to smoke roughly 900 joints in a sitting to reach a lethal dose” (Cloud, 2002). As for alcohol, a 160 pound person would merely need to take sixteen-nineteen shots in a quick session to obtain a fatal dose. If people were competent enough to grasp the irrefutable gains from legalizing marijuana, they might better appreciate why allowing people to rock the ganja could help our inadequate economy.
The United States is in need of creating new job markets to assist the economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics published their monthly economic news releases that stated, “From April through October,...

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