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My organization, Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP), is established in 1902 and is a well-known institution in pharmacy education in Vietnam. In recent years, during the development process, more and more pharmacy oriented institutions are opened (10 new universities and colleges are opened in the last 10 years of total 17 institutions which have the bachelor of pharmacy). Accompanied with this progress is the increase in competition for education quality. To cope up with these challenges, what should we do to prove ourselves still stands out among the other institutions? Obviously, this can be done through the increase in education quality in general, and through the academic potency of each lecturer in specific. If I was given the opportunity to study in Groningen, after my return to Vietnam, each year around 500 students will have chance to approach with knowledge and modern education system I have learnt. In addition, from 1-2 students under my direct supervision will carry out their graduation theses.
A common fault young researchers like me often committed is the idolization of our own department. Although remain unspoken, I used to think pharmaceutics is an important subject. We did not recognize that the development of science must be based on close cooperation between departments and that when knowledge from different fields interferes, achievement will be attained. Although I have tried to study and read more on other fields, without proper guidance, my knowledge remain unsystematic and discrete. In order to understand the connection/link of pharmaceutics and put it on the grid with other sciences, I want to pursue the Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Groningen (RUG).
Another minor weakness of lecturers in HUP is the confidence in foreign language communication skills. In an integrating world, our university has a joint-master of science degree with some universities in England. HUP have assigned several lecturers to assist professors from England to prepare presentation, answer students’ enquiries, and give lectures where necessary. I have attended one full semester and it seems that our lecturers, although proficient in reading and writing, are not quite confident in speaking skills. Hence, they seem to be a little bit passive to participate in the education process, to communicate with students. I confidently believe that with the English skills learnt through the...

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