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Reliability Based Multi Objective Optimization Of Rc Beams Shear Strengthened With Cfrp Wraps

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Over the last two decades Fiber Reinforced Polymers have emerged as an attractive competitor to the more conventional civil engineering materials for the creation of new structures and the strengthening/rehabilitation of existing ones [1-book]. Therefore many related associations such as ACI committee provided practical design manuals for all aspects of application FRPs for strengthening structural elements. The comparison between experimental and analytical code based studies performs previously for shear strengthening of RC beam with FRP composites is not very promising. Specially for shear strengthening the use of additional principle in the actual shear design equations must be questioned.[] The large dispersion between the expected values of different models and experimental results is of real concern bearing in mind some of this semi-empirical models are applied to present design codes. [01-arc] Shear strengthening of RC members with FRP is actually a research problem have not been completely solved and is still under investigation; [2-ar] so that the trustworthiness of existing models to achieve reliable and safe codification needs to be evaluated. Many uncertainties and complicated problems have assessed so far for strengthening of RC beams with FRPs are: real effective strain of FRPs in shear strengthening [Chen & Teng 2003a], main failure modes recognized for each section configuration, most accurate evaluation model [03-arc], and interactions between the external FRP and internal steel stirrups and concrete [e.g. Teng et al., 2002; Denton et al., 2004; Qu et al., 2005; Mohamed Ali et al., 2006].Furthermore influence of many design parameters such as size of beam section, fiber orientation, strip width, and spacing between the FRP-strips still under investigation.[4-5-] It is to be obvious that many this parameters effect on safety and cost of FRP strengthening plan.[4] The apparent high cost of FRP compared to conventional materials has been a major obstacle [3-ar] and can reject application of FRP materials for many suggested plan of infrastructures rehabilitation.
Furthermore shear fractures of RC beams are brittle and catastrophic in comparison of flexural mode and shear capacity of RC beam can dictate its critical strength. When shear capacity of a structural member is lower than its flexural capacity, the shear strengthening could be necessary [2ar-2book].Because flexural mode allows stress redistribution in plastic hinges and provides warning to occupants. Therefore the cost of applying FRP for shear strengthening of RC beams is very repetitive in a FRP rehabilitation project and it is so expensive and development a little cost saving of applying FRPs for shear strengthening can make a rehabilitation project so economical. This paper suggests an advanced approach by both codes calibrating of design equations and economical optimization...

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