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oneTable 1(a).Calculations of z-scores, percentile ranks and confidence intervals for Ben's WISC-IV scores
Full Scale IQ

Verbal Comprehension

Perceptual Reasoning

Working Memory

Processing Speed







z*= 0.93




P(%)/R** = 16

P(%)/R** = 83

P(%)/R** =26

P(%)/R** =13

P(%)/R** =66






95%ci=± 5.096

95%ci=± 7.19

95%ci=± 7.78

95%ci=± 8.31

95%ci=± 9.74

Where * z-score,** percentile rank & 95%ci= confidence intervalsTable 1 (b).Calculations of z-scores, percentile ranks and confidence intervals for Ben's WIAT-II scores
Word Reading

Numerical Operations


Pseudoword Decoding

Maths Reasoning







z*= -1.0




P(%)/R** =74

P(%)/R** = 83

P(%)/R** =

P(%)/R** =

P(%)/R** =






95%ci=± 4.15

95%ci=± 8.82

95%ci=± 7.20

95%ci=± 5.1

95%ci=± 7.78

Where * z-score,** percentile rank & 95%ci= confidence intervalstwoIf I want to be 95% confident that the two scores are different, I would require them to be separated by two standard errors of the difference. A separation of only one standard error of the difference would only give me 68% confidence that the two scores are different.As a result of the workings below I can be, 95% confident that the two scores (verbal comprehension) and (perceptual reasoning) differing by 2ơdiff (10.8) represent true score differences.Table 2.Methods of calculating the standard error of difference between two scores:
Method one:

Method two:

σdiff= √σ2means1 + σ2means2

σdiff = σ(sd) √2 - r1-r2

σdiff= √13.47+15.76

σdiff = 15 √ 2-0.94-0.93

σdiff= √29.20

σdiff = 15 x 0.13

σdiff = 5.40

σdiff = 5.40

threeIn all five individual tests Ben's results were statistically significant (p>0.05). Within the subgroups of word reading, spelling and pseudoword decoding, his scores were significantly above his predicted score. In contrast numerical operations and maths reasoning, while the scores were significant, they were well below the predicted score.fourBen completed the WISC-IV; a test of thinking and reasoning skills, and the WIAT-II; a test of academic achievement.Table 3.Ben's WISC-IV index scores and performance outcomes:Academic Area Score Category of PerformanceFull Scale IQ 99 AverageVerbal Comprehension 114 Above AveragePerceptual Reasoning 90 AverageWorking Memory 83 Low AverageProcessing Speed 106 AverageBen's Verbal Comprehension score is 114 (above...

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