Dependence On Cellular Phones Essay

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Cellular phones are growing more and more popular in today’s day, while wrist-watches are becoming less popular. The cellular phone industry is constantly coming up with new applications that come with the phone while their prices are not rising. Wrist-watches, on the contrary, are not really so technologically advanced and do not serve a purpose for many people. To measure the dependency and popularity that people have on the cellular phone, the researcher conducted an experiment that tested the dependency that people have on cellular phones. It was hypothesizes that if random subjects were asked the time, more people would turn to their cellular phones over their wrist-watch. Twenty-four people were asked for the time and 50% turned to their cellular phones. This proves the hypothesis correct. More people depend on their cellular-phone over their wrist-watch. This alludes to the great dependency that people have on the cellular phone’s technological advances.

Currently, in year 2010, it is difficult to comprehend what making a phone call was like in the 1870’s when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. In Bell’s time, making a call was not as easy as pressing ten digits to dial a number and pressing call. It was rather a difficult process and needed two hands for the job, one to hold the transmitter and one to hold the receiver. In addition, telephone connection was usually very weak. It was an arduous task to be heard on the other side of the receiver. People had to yell into the transmitter hoping that the other person would hear them. Now with the updated cellular phones, a person can place a call and use other applications, such as sending a text message, while still being connected with the other person. In today’s modern world, it is hard to fathom what it was like before the days of modern technology and cellular phones (Crompton, 2009).
Only years after the invention of the telephone was the cellular phone invented. While the idea came into play in 1947, the first actual cellular phone was made in 1973. However, it was only in year 1984 when the first cellular phone came out on the market. During that period of time, cellular phones were quite pricey. Even thought they had high price, the service was not so good- only twenty-three calls were able to be made in the same service area. However, over the years, that aspect improved with the help of technological advance broad casting towers. Along with better coverage, the prices of cellular phones and plans are decreasing. For example, in 1984, Motorola put the first cellular phone on the market, DynaTac 8000X which sold for a hefty sum of $3,995. This model was quite heavy and clumsy, weighing a total of two pounds. Only a couple of years later, Motorola put out a newer and slimmer model known as the MacroTac Lite which sold for $1,000. The weight and costs of the cellular phone decreased making the cellular phones more attractive. Currently, they have...

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