Religiological Questions And Answers Essay

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The interview is composed of 6 different parts that evaluate your outlook/position on specific subsets of religion. For each subset, respond to the example questions as best you can. Feel free to be specific/ elaborate. The subset of Ontology is broken up into 3 more specific categories in order to better outline one’s beliefs on the divine. These 6 categories/ questions that go along with them were outlined by my professor, but if you have questions/ would like more specific examples feel free to ask!

1. Epistemology- Inquiry into knowledge
What constitutes valid knowledge and how to interpret that knowledge? What do you rely on in order to gain knowledge? What should be used to understand and properly interpret that basis of knowledge? Is there a basis for valid knowledge/ truth?
The foundation of valid knowledge depends on one’s personal understanding. To “know” means to understand or be aware. Everyone’s personal knowledge differs and the way we obtain and interpret our knowledge is usually through our spiritual beliefs. In order to gain knowledge I rely on the Word of God. The knowledge of God is the most valuable knowledge a human being can possess. The Word of God can be found in Scripture. Proverbs 2:6 tells us that the Lord gives us wisdom and that the wisdom of God results in knowledge and understanding. But it is also clear that simply being aware of God’s existence is not adequate; the knowledge of God must encompass the profound appreciation for Him and produce a loving and growing relationship with Him.

2. Ontology- Inquiry into the nature of ultimate reality
What is ultimately real? What are some characteristics of ultimate reality? What is more real, or less real? How is what is more real related to what is less real? What degrees of reality are there, if any?
Reality is just an idea. Objects and things can never be real because even though they exist they don’t define fact or truth. It is the idea of the object or thing that holds actuality. A table is not real, the idea of a table, a surface that holds objects or is used for support, is real. The only requirement in achieving ultimate reality is belief in and a surrender to one of these ideas. When referring to religion, the idea is a greater power and in the case of Christianity, the greater power is God. The distinction between whether something is more real or less real depends on one’s perception. One person may believe in the idea of Heaven and identify it as real while another person may be unsure of the existence of Heaven. The latter person would perceive the idea of Heaven as less real than the person who fully believes in it.
a. Theology- What do you believe about gods/God? What do you believe about the nature or characteristics of gods/God?
I believe there is a God. I believe He is eternal and His existence will never end. He is immortal, infinite, inscrutable, immutable, incomparable, unequaled, unfathomable, unsearchable, and past finding out as...

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