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The Need For Religion In The Workplace

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Our changing world has the need for religion in the workforce on the rise. Over the past several years’ factors such as terrorist attacks, a shaky economy, increased demand for longer working hours, a reduction in employee retirement benefits and immigration are thought to have contributed to this rise. (Moore, 2010) Along with the increased demand for religion in the workplace comes religious diversity.
Immigration is one cause for creating religious diversity within the workplace. “Over the past 20 years, the United States has granted permanent residency status to an average of about 1 million immigrants each year.” (unknown, 2013) Although many of the immigrants entering into the US are currently Christians other religions are slowly increasing in popularity. “Currently there are approximately 1,500 primary religions in the United States” (Borstorff, 2011). Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist denominations are among the more popular. The increase in religious diversity is causing a need for employers to accommodate employee’s religious demands.
The EEOC states that unless it would create a hardship to the operations of the business an employer must reasonably accommodate religious beliefs or practices. Reasonable accommodations are any changes made to the normal work environment to allow an employee to practice religion. Some of these accommodations include flexible scheduling, shift changes, dress code modifications or any other changes to the workplace policies.
Since there may be several demands for religious accommodation, the employer should offer alternatives that cause the least disadvantages to the employee. Employees and managers should should work together to find the best accommodation to fit the needs of all. It should be known that the employer does not need to accept the employees’ suggestions if they would hinder the operations of the business.
The United States is one of the most culturally and religiously diverse countries in the world. The founding fathers of the United States wanted to ensure that its people would have the ability to practice their religion with no threat of persecution. In order to accomplish the goal of religious freedom and continue to ensure that all people of any religion would be free to practice their religion, the United States passed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits an employer from discriminating based on the religious views of its employees. As the citizens of the United States spend a large amount of time in their places of employment, religious practices that these employees feel are necessary for the true observance of their religion must be accommodated by the employers. This law contends that in cases where the accommodation of religious practices of its employees does not create undue hardships, an employer must make reasonable accommodations for employees to practices the beliefs of their religion. As the demographics of the United States...

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