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What Is Culture Relativism: Views By James Rachels

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Culture Relativism; what is it? Culture Relativism states that we cannot absolute say what is right and what is wrong because it all depends in the society we live in. James Rachels however, does not believe that we cannot absolute know that there is no right and wrong for the mere reason that cultures are different. Rachels as well believes that “certain basic values are common to all cultures.” I agree with Rachels in that culture relativism cannot assure us that there is no knowledge of what is right or wrong. I believe that different cultures must know what is right and what is wrong to do. Cultures are said to be different but if we look at them closely we can actually find that they are not so much different from one’s own culture. Religion for example is a right given to us and that many cultures around the world practices. Of course there are different types of religion but they all are worshipped and practice among the different culture.
Rachels says that “different cultures have different moral codes” and I believe that is true what might be okay in one culture could be absolutely immoral in another. His reference to what Daruis notice between the Greeks and the Callatians can show us that each culture has their own method of dealing with a situation. As well as the Eskimos who had multiple wife and use the method of infanticide. This being unheard of, immoral to the people of America but since the time of Herodotus they have notice “the idea that conceptions of right and wrong differ from culture to culture.” I think this concept is right however, I haven’t actually seen a culture as different as my, I have seen some small differences and I know some culture have big differences to mine but I haven’t encounter them. I have encounter people that have different ideas than me, in all subjects of life and school. That’s why I defiantly agree with Rachels’s statement that “if we assume that our ethical ideas will be shared by all people at all times, we are merely naïve.” Religion is something that people agrees there is but each one has their own type of religion. People have different idea of who or what to worship and we can never think that one day we will have only one religion because that will be naïve of us.
Culture relativism theory is not a valid; it is not sound as Rachels puts it. This theory says “there is no such thing as universal truth in ethics; there are only various culture codes, and nothing more.” I agree up to a certain point with this statement, there is in my opinion various culture codes but to say that there is no such thing as universal truth in ethics, I cannot agree with that. I believe there has to be some truth in this universe it cannot all be a mystery. Culture relativism conclusion is something cannot be right or wrong because it varies from culture to culture. Rachels says we cannot say there is no objective truth for the only reason that people disagree with it. We cannot jump to that conclusion,...

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